EBEC history originates in 2002. 14 years have passed since: 14 years of constant work, improvement, development, structural changes, work on the idea of making the event we see today.

So how did it all start? In 2002 group of representatives from BEST visited the CEC (Canadian Engineering Competition). Having returned from there enthusiastic and inspired by a new idea, they began to develop the idea of organizing such events in Europe, and the first team of the Engineering Competition organized by BEST has been created by the end of 2002.

The first competition took place in Belgium in October 2003, which was attended by 60 energetic and creative guys from all over Europe. Teams competed in solving problems in the 2 categories: Case Study and Team Design .

The idea of separating the competition on the local, regional and final international levels was born in 2004.

The second event took place in October 2004 in Poland, and the number of participants has grown to 80 people. Every year the scale of the Engineering Competition grew, they cover more areas and becoming more and more known. Finally, by 2009, the final structure of the competition was formed, which united all the events of the local level in each country in a single system, it was also approved the name EBEC: European BEST Engineering Competition.

The final competition - grandiose and admiring with their size and level of organization of the event. Every year since 2009, takes place in August EBEC Final, gather in one place the best young engineering minds of Europe:

  • EBEC 2009 was held in Ghent, Belgium. The participants were students who won the competition of the regional or national level. They sought to find the answer to the question: "Who is the best engineer?"
  • EBEC 2010 took place in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The participants were 104 people - winners of 13 national or regional competitions.
  • EBEC 2011 held in Istanbul, Turkey. At the competition gathered 104 participants, united by a common idea - love of technical ideas.
  • EBEC 2012 took place in Zagreb, Croatia. Members of Europe's leading technical universities tried to solve the problem of increasing the capacity of the airport of Kuwait for the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games in 2020, and constructed real roller coaster!
  • EBEC 2013 was held in Warsaw, Poland. Inspired participants competed in two directions: CaseStudy and TeamDesign.
  • EBEC 2014 was held in Riga, Latvia.
  • EBEC 2015 was held in Porto, Portugal.
  • EBEC 2016 was held in Belgrade, Serbia.