BEST — Board of European Students of Technology — international non-profit, non-political student organization, uniting 96 leading technical universities in 33 European countries. Since 1989 we provide the communication and cooperation of students from different countries and cultures and exchanging of knowledge between them.

Our mission: developing students.

Our vision: empowered diversity - community of students is strong with their differences: diversity of cultures, professional fields of study and methods of work, and the most important - the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other.

Nowadays we are the largest organization among the students of European technical universities, including more than 5000 active members.

BEST offers you an opportunity to take part in international activity. The main reason is to fulfil student's potential for working according to european standarts. We organize the interaction and collaboration of students, universities and companies. Every year more than 10 thousand students all over Europe take part in our events. Main international projects are: BEST educational courses, engineering competitions EBEC, BEST Career Center which promote the involvement of young professionals in the work in prestigious companies.

Our goals:

  • Development of international engineering education;
  • Improvement of relations between European universities;
  • Establishing business relations between students, universities and companies;
  • Development of academic and scientific mobility of students;
  • Realizing the potential of students;
  • Providing students with opportunities to explore the culture of other countries.

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BEST Moscow was founded in 2006 and since that time we have implemented a large set of projects which were attended by more than 1000 students of Moscow State Technical University and European universities. These projects were aimed at improving the quality of education and academic mobility, as well at to improving the interaction between students, universities and companies.Main activities organized by local group BEST Moscow, are: Days of Student Development, Week of Open Opportunities, local Engineering Competitions, educational BEST Courses, Hackathon, etc.

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