Every year, BEST organization holds Engineering Competitions, which are held in 3 stages: at the local and regional (national) levels. The winners of the local stages compete with each other at the regional level, the winners of the regional stages - at the international

Engineering competition in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University - the local stage of the competition, the best 2 teams, each in its own direction, go to the next stage - the regional.

Students can take part in competitions organized by the university in which they are studying. Team of 4 can participate in the event.

In Engineering Competitions teams can prove themselves in one of two categories:

Team Design(TD)


Each team will be offered a variety of limited materials, of which it is necessary to construct a complete unit to solve a specific technical problem. To solve the problem, participants show the knowledge of applied physics, using their logic and creative thinking and teamwork. Besides the main task - to design a device, the team will face problems such as::

  • effective use of limited resources;
  • organization of cohesive teamwork with the aim of timely result;
  • presentation of the product, its advantages and functional features

Construction will be tested in the final presentation. The design and operation of these constructions will be evaluated by the jury of representatives from the BMSTU and partner companies.

A necessary requirement for the team is the knowledge of English language.

Case Study(CS)

"Case study"

Teams are given a hypothetical problem or a current business challenge that the organization may face in the course of its business and that requires a creative approach. You know why BMSTU students needed everywhere - someone like you can solve any problem, including the problem of the level of international engineering or even consulting companies! Task requires more analysis than the direction of Team Design, but allows you to try your skills in the environment of the real work of one of the largest companies! The participants are required to carry out the basic estimations, to present and justify the solution to the problem. To solve the task, participants apply analytical skills, using logical and creative thinking and teamwork. The teams will also face challenges such as:

  • effective use of limited resources;
  • organization of cohesive teamwork with the aim of timely result;
  • presentation of the solutions of the problem, supported by a real analysis.

The final presentation of the solutions plays an important role in the team work assessment, it will be evaluated by a jury of representatives of BMSTU and partner companies. The presentation can be presented both in Russian and English languages. The work itself must be carried out in English. Internet access will be provided for the teams during the competitions.