Before the event:
Teams are required to assess the situation of competition.
Gather and register team of 4. You can form an incomplete team(from 1 to 3), but it’s okay, organizers of EBEC Moscow’20 will help you to form a complete team. We cannot guarantee that everyone will have their complete team. Registration will be opened until the 6th of November 23:59.

Selection round:
On 7th of November at 02:00 your team will get a confirmation email of registration.

The selection round starts on 12th of November and the team captin will receive the task. Please, complete the task of the corresponding category the team chose. Please, send it to until 18th of November 23:59

Then you’ll be informed that your presentation has been recieved. If you don’t get this confirmation, please, contact us.

You will see your team in the list of passed team to semi-final on 19th of November.

On 20th of November your team will be given the task of semifinal. Meeting of the team captains will be organized before the semifinal, the date will be announced later.

Send the solution and the presentation to until 25th of November 18:00.

The team is required to be at the event on 28th of November to present your solution in the semifinal.

Final will be held on 22nd and 23rd of November (each team will about 2 days to solve the task). On 23rd of November your team will be presenting your solution to juries.

Results will be announced on the same day.