How to become a participant

Teams must be acquainted with competition regulations.
Собрать и зарегистрировать команду из 4-х человек. У вас имеется возможность пройти регистрацию неполной команды (от 1 до 3 человек), организаторы EBEC Challenge Moscow’17 сформируют команды из команд неполного состава, но не гарантируют возможности подбора команд всем желающим. Registration open until 4 November 23:00.

Oct. 31 to 23:59 will be sent a confirmation of registration of complete teams, the composition of arranged teams from incomplete and qualifying job in the corresponding category team members to e-mail, specified during registration.

Carry out the task of selection round of Case Study and Team Design and send it to until 10 November 2016.

After this you'll get the information that your presentation has been recieved. If you don't get this confirmation, please, contact us.

To see your team in the list of confirmed on November 11-12.

From 12th to 16th November 2016 there will be a meeting, where you can choose the captain of your team and attend case-study master-classes.

Get the job to the semi-finals on 17 November and to send its decision and the presentation until November 23 to 23:59.

Come to the Engineering Competition November 24 to participate in the semi-finals and get to the final.

Come on Engineering Competition: November 25 and 26 or by Case Study Team Design (each command PART 2 days).

The winner in the nomination on CS or TD will have the opportunity to be a participant in the next stage of Engineering Competitions in Europe, EBEC Baltic 2017.